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The Alchemist Hard Cover Coloring Book 

Dope doesn’t even begin to cover the epic look of this limited edition collector’s coloring book. 2020 Grammy nominated Hip Hop producer and DJ legend is his own right, The Alchemist, was looking to produce posters and a coloring book for his new album, The Food Villain.

Fueling the vision was a sleek way to showcase Alchemist’s own handcrafted illustrations that would stand the test of time. The final product of this super mash-up features raised spot gloss varnish along both covers and spine. This is complemented by a silky smooth exterior finish achieved by the soft touch lamination and highest quality Smyth Sewn binding. This binding technique is exceptional in that it allows the book’s pages to lay completely flat while also being significantly resistant to wear and tear because the process involves literally sewing the pages into the book then following up with various reinforcement materials to confidently establish a lasting product.

The limited edition run of books sold out within the first 15 minutes of being released.

The collab continued as we also produced custom stickers for his original masters record sleeves sourced from select areas of The Alchemist’s original paintings. Using in-house scanning equipment that captured 6400 dpi resolution we enlarged the images upwards of 1000% with pixel perfection. More recently we produced a stretched framed canvas depicting the characters from his, VICE network, television show F*ck That’s Delicious.