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About us

The Legendary Story

Being family owned and operated means we treat our business as an opportunity to support and enrich every person that steps through our doors. We reach for the highest level of print success because we know the impact a strong presentation can have on securing a dream job, launching a brand, or closing that 5 star deal. But on a more personal level, we make ourselves available for all faucets of life’s challenges including celebrating a special milestone or facing the loss of a loved one. 

So when Max’s family dog passed away on Christmas eve and he wanted to give his family a framed photo of their dog as something tangible to get the family through a hard year he became part of our Legendary family. In observance of the approaching holiday every printing place in LA was closed, including us. His call reached Legendary’s attention because at that time the business owner had elected to forward unanswered calls to his personal cell. During the after hour conversation the owner learned why and just how important it was to give Max the assistance needed and agreed to go back to work.

With no Grinch to be found, Max’s trusted companion was resized, expertly cropped to 5x7in, promptly printed on a semi gloss cardstock, and placed in a safe location outside the store for Max to pick up at his convenience.

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Some stuff our clients say…

“… they came through in a pinch at the very last hour.  I’ll be their customer forever.”

Max Gutierre

“… Absolutely fantastic team. You have no responsibility to live up to what other people think you ought to accomplish. I have no responsibility to be…”